Dosage and method of use
3 times 2 tablets per day over a period of 3-4 weeks. 
​A lag of approximately 2-3 weeks is normally observed after implantation of the regimen until the desired effect and hence adequate sexual functioning is obtained.


Box of 80 tables in blister pack.

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Galenic form

Film coated tablets

Yohimbine bark extract (standardized) 60mg, Ginseng leaves (standardized) 10mg. 
Properties and effects
Yohimbine,the main natural active ingredient of Yohimbine bark, has a long record of proved efficacy in the treatment of organic and psychogenic impotence in placebo controlled, double-blind crossover trials. Restoration of adequate erectile ability following the regimen of 18mg yohimbine per day for a period of 3-4 weeks is obtained in a substantial percentage of the cases. The standardized yohimbine extract used in Yomba Oro provides a precise and optimum dosage of active ingredients. Following the recommended regimen, results identical to those of a regimen of 18mg yohimbine as single drug for a period of 3-4 weeks in combination with ginseng are obtained.


While intracavernosal pharmacotherapy, prosthetic implants are among the methods or choice for the treatment of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, yohimbine is an alternative to be seriously considered in case of organic impotence before resorting to more invasive means or when patients are reject the latter.