Philomedica AG / Ltd.


Founded: 1996 

Owner:    Family Ownership


Our range of products: Pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biocide, cosmetics, food supplements 

Mission for: health care and well-being

All Philomedica's products make a difference in the people feel and functions every day. We continuously discover and research the human being needs what influences our product development. Our products help people to lead a healthy and active live daily worldwide. 

Tradition and Know-How

With a heritage of knowledge in pharmaceutical and natural science over three 

generations we are most ambitious to maintain our pioneer value and to launch our products worldwide to get them marked leadership as in Switzerland.  

Company Profile

Swiss Quality


All our products are produced in Switzerland with GMP standards. We select

highest quality ingredients to guarantee best clinically efficacy and safety. Extra marketing impacts in packaging design bring high advertence on the international markets.  


We are committed to sharing our know-how and collaboration as partners to reach common goals. We promote and encourage different personal and cultural

perspectives that drive new thinking.