The innovative spirit that infuses PHILOMEDICA today can be traced back to pharmacist and natural scientist Dr. Norbert Gemsch. After the studies and researches with nobelist prof. Paul Karrer at the University ETH Zurich he proved scientifically the medical effectiveness of homeopathic complex drugs with their mechanism of impact and syntehtises in 1951. Lot of different products he developed for his  own company GEMSCH & CO. and other famous drug giants. His creations PARAPIC, MULTIPLEX, MYCOFUG and ZUMBA were pioneer drugs and still build our core products. 

After his death in 1965 his son-on-law Dr. Adolphe E. Fischer as an analytical chemist continued the focus on discovery and development of novel formulations especially for the international markets with their different requirements of the national medical authorities. New and innovative products as CONTRAPIC, YOMBA ORO, BIO-KAWA and many others completed the assortment of PHILOMEDICA which remained at the helm until end of 2013. 

Since 2014 Diane N. Fischer his daughter arriving at PHILOMEDICA she reorganized and streamlined the company to reveal its strong entrepreneurial roots. She also has re-energized the company original mission for a fast and responsive, customer-focused way of doing business. Natural science knowhow, highly effective ingredients and outstanding quality produced in Switzerland keep being the focus of PHILOMEDICA's activities. 

Today PHILOMEDICA mainly cares about medical and cosmetic products, biocide and food supplements in the sectors of dermatology, potency and dietetics. These fields of specialty medicine represent a most important and potential demand of the worldwide market. Our portfolio is large and many product launchings of are in process.