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15% EBAAP 
The toxicosis problem associate with the use of diethyl toluamide, especially in young children, made the development of a well-tolerated repellent for topical application a necessity. CONTRAPIC® is the result of this development.

Field of application
Proved protection against hexapods (insects) such as aedes agypti and anopheles albimanns, glossinae (tsetse fly), tabanidae (horsefly, arachnids (ticks).

Products of easy application, low toxicity, providing long-lasting protection low eye irritation and low allergic potential. Does not contain stabilizers or preservative compounds. Pleasant fragrance. Especially recommended for children and when daily use of repellents is require. The alternative for persons allergic to diethyltoluamide.
Efficacy in standardized test Test method of the Institute of Parasitology of Hannover, Germany: 0.1ml/100cm2 of skin, test insect: Aedes aegypti: 350 minutes of protection.
Test method of the Swiss Tropical Institute, Basel, Switzerland: 2ml/250cm2 of skin, test insect: Aedes aegypti: 720 minutes of protection.

Efficacy in practice

The tests, carried pit at the two extremes as concerns the amount of product normally applied to the skin surface in practice, demonstrate the dependence of protection from the amount of product applied. For optimum protection, repeated application, several times a day, should be the rule, especially when a full protection against vectors of dangerous diseases is all stake. Skin absorption, evaporation and rub-of are other factors influencing the length of protection.Toxicity DD50 in rats: in excess of 15ml/kg for the active ingredient. By the standards of Gosselin et al., Clinical Toxicity of Commercial Products, Baltimore, 1976, the product can be classified as practically non-toxic. In man, toxic effects have never been described. Method of use Apply CONTRAPIC® on the skin to be protected. Spread uniformly. Repeat, if necessary. Presentation Spray 75ml, Roll-on 50ml
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CONTRAPIC® repellents are specially recommended for the protection of children over a longer period of time, for avoiding the danger of toxic encephalopathy (some with) cases fatal issue which have been described in connection with the use of diethyltoluamide based repellents.